Mental health care that meets you where you are

Have a seat, and let us take care of you

Starting care at Two Chairs is simple


Attend your matching appointment

You'll meet (virtually) with one of our licensed clinicians to discuss your needs and goals for therapy.


Get matched to a therapist suited to you

Your matching clinician will combine their clinical expertise with our data-driven matching system to connect you with an ongoing therapist who can help you improve your mental health.


Begin therapy and improve your mental health

You'll then begin ongoing therapy with your therapist, typically at a weekly cadence, with regular check-ins about progress towards your goals.

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We consider the ingredients for a successful match

Decades of clinical psychology research demonstrate that the therapeutic alliance, or the relationship between the client and therapist, is one of the strongest predictors of successful outcomes in individual therapy.

Grounded in the research, we developed and continue to refine a matching process that identifies and combines the ingredients of a successful therapeutic alliance.

Through digital on-boarding, we assess more straightforward factors like your demographic preferences and logistics such as scheduling.
But demographic preferences and logistics alone are not enough to create a strong alliance.

Our live (currently virtual) matching appointment goes much deeper. Our team of matching specialists, who are all licensed, highly qualified and extensively trained clinicians, use the best clinical assessment approaches to ensure they understand the clinical expertise needed to work with you.

Through nuanced conversation, they also help you tease out fuzzier preferences, like how you show up interpersonally, and what style in the room might work best for you. Especially for clients new to therapy, these are not straightforward questions—and take a skilled, thoughtful conversation with an expert to navigate.

Matching Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that we can help you make meaningful progress towards your goals and we strongly believe we can match you to a therapist that will fit your needs. If we can't match you to a therapist that meets your needs and goals, and you choose not to engage in care, we will refund your matching appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m eligible for a refund?

To be eligible for a refund, you must have attended the matching appointment and been matched with a therapist. However, if you have been significantly delayed in receiving a match, or are unable to be matched based on your needs or preferences for care, you can also request a refund.

How do I request a refund?

Requests for refunds should be made through an email to and contain your name, your matching appointment date, and the reason for refund request that mentions or implies lack of satisfaction with the matching appointment and/or references the guarantee. Refund requests must be made within 2 weeks after the consult appointment.

When can I expect the refund I’ve requested?

Two Chairs will provide the refund through our payment processing platform (within 1 week after the refund is requested).

What if I’m unhappy after I’ve started care?

Refunds cannot be provided to clients who begin care. Clients who begin care and are dissatisfied after a first appointment can be rematched at no charge to the client; however, attended sessions will not be refunded. We want your experience with Two Chairs to be a meaningful step on your care journey, and we will make every effort to rematch you if you are dissatisfied after starting care.

Hear from our clients:

The first therapist I met was also the best match for me. In general I appreciate that Two Chairs makes finding the right therapist and dealing with claims easy. Everything about the experience is pleasant and effective.

— Morgane S.

The questions and conversation before Two Chairs recommended a therapist resulted in a perfect match. I had tried once before to see a therapist and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was very uncomfortable with trying again, but Two Chairs made it immediately comfortable.

— Suzanne L.

Being new to therapy, I put it off for the longest time because I wasn’t sure how to find a therapist that was right for me. Two Chairs’ matching process made this stress-free, and I’ve already recommended it to others!

— Kendal B.

Care that's rooted in precision

We see Measurement-Based Care as the standard

Measurement-Based Care (MBC) is the practice of basing clinical care on client data collected throughout treatment. You can think of it like your PCP taking your vitals every time you come in for a visit. It’s a tool therapists use to collect data to inform the care they deliver.

We collect data when it matters most

Research shows that your different emotional states are best captured either before or after a session and that the most successful implementations of MBC are routinely administered. We capture self-reported data before and after each session to better customize care and track your progress in therapy.

We use data to inform your care

It has been estimated that clients who engage in care that incorporates MBC fare 76% better than clients in usual care, and realize the benefits from care in around half the time relative to usual care¹. Our approach to MBC enables our therapists to deliver high-quality, tailored care that is rooted in precision.

We track your progress

Defining your goals for care is an important first step and a deeply personal one. Supporting you in making progress towards those goals is important to us so we employ research-based assessments and custom questionnaires to help you track all elements of your care, not just your symptoms.

Convenient sessions that work for you

We are offering virtual therapy sessions for all clients while the pandemic affects our ability to meet in-person. When our clinics can re-open safely, you’ll have the option of seeing your therapist in-person if you’re in Los Angeles or the Bay Area, or combining teletherapy with visits to our clinic.

Dedicated Care Coordinators

We’re here for you. If you have any questions about starting care, or once you’ve begun care with us, we’re available to support you.  We can also submit claims to your insurance provider so you can get reimbursed for your sessions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you want to better understand how care at Two Chairs  can work for you.