We are now offering virtual therapy to new and existing clients.

Tailored to you


Clinicians that care

Yes, our therapists are trained at some of the best programs in the country–and they also truly care about their work with you.


Matching to find
the right fit

After your first consult, we’ll pair you with the therapist that’s best suited for your needs, style, and goals.


Support with insurance

Therapy should be impactful, and fit within your budget. We file insurance claims on your behalf and adjust our care to work for you.


“Therapy allows us to take care of ourselves. An hour a week just to focus on you and your needs. That in and of itself is radical.”

Two Chairs therapist

“I've been to therapy before and it's never been this smooth. From my first appointment to getting matched, it was like a week.”

Two Chairs client

“Having a therapist by your side to help reflect on, pause, and analyze life is a beautiful thing.”

Two Chairs client

Spaces as sanctuary.

We take inclusivity to heart and design our clinics to feel welcoming from the moment you come in.

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With human touches at every turn.

From hand-made ceramics and flowers to herbal tea, we know that small gestures can make a big difference.

Beautiful offices, conveniently located