We are building a world where everyone has access to exceptional mental health care

The Problem

Finding the ideal client-therapist fit for care is a challenge for both clients and therapists.

The Solution

We create strong therapeutic alliances through our matching process—considering each client's needs, goals, symptoms, and preferences to identify a therapist with the ideal background, style, and areas of expertise.

In our most fragile moments, we need our healthcare system to be at its most accessible and welcoming. Individuals shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find a therapist who can help, so I set out to create a therapy provider that makes it simple for anyone to find the right care for them in a setting that feels warm and thoughtful.

I started from what I believed should be the foundation of therapy and named Two Chairs after the power of a deep and trusting client-therapist relationship."

— Alex Katz, Founder & CEO

Who We Are

We've brought together an exceptional team of people at the intersection of clinical care, technology and design to revolutionize how people connect with and receive care.

We're united by our collective personal experiences with the mental health care system, and the desire to build a better one for everyone.

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