Treat postpartum depression with the right therapist

Postpartum depression is the most common complication from pregnancy, but in-person and online therapy for postpartum deperssion can help. Get matched to a therapist today.
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How therapy can help with postpartum and perinatal depression

Postpartum depression is the most common complication from pregnancy. 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression after giving birth, and as many as 1 in 5 women experience perinatal depression during pregnancy, the postpartum period, or both. Without treatment, postpartum depression symptoms can last for years. But talking to someone can help. In fact, whether your symptoms are mild or severe, postpartum depression is a condition that can be effectively treated with therapy.

How to know if you need therapy for postpartum or perinatal depression

It can be hard to know if postpartum depression therapy is right for you, or where to start. You may not know whether you’re experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression or something else — like baby blues, postpartum anxiety, or other related conditions.

Depression symptoms can also begin during pregnancy, but it can be easy to miss the signs because stress, lack of sleep, and hormonal shifts are so common for all pregnant women and new mothers. If your symptoms are impacting your quality of life, talking to a therapist specializing in postpartum depression treatment can help you sort through what you’re feeling and build important skills to navigate early motherhood.

How we treat postpartum and perinatal depression at Two Chairs

Have you found yourself searching “postpartum therapist near me” to find specialized support and guidance through the emotional challenges following childbirth? You’re in the right place.

Healing from postpartum depression starts with finding a postpartum depression therapist who understands your experience. At Two Chairs, we’re dedicated to matching you with the right therapist for you. How?

Before you start postpartum therapy at Two Chairs, you’ll meet with a licensed expert trained in matching people to the right therapist. Based on what you share about your unique experiences, preferences, and goals for therapy, we’ll find you a therapist experienced in treating postpartum depression in the most effective way for you.

What our clients are saying

I have never felt super comfortable in therapy, but my therapist at Two Chairs has made me look forward to my sessions for the first time.

Logan T.
, Two Chairs Client

My Two Chairs experience has been transformative. I have started to feel a colossal shift in my mental health in just a few months of doing EMDR teletherapy and feel lucky to have it work with my schedule and be covered by my insurance.

Allison K.
, Two Chairs Client

I am receiving quality care from a great Two Chairs therapist who enjoys her work and has made so much of an effort to understand me.

Morgan C.
, Two Chairs Client

Meet some of our therapists

With a diverse team of therapists and deep expertise in treating anxiety, we’re confident that we can find the best match for you.
Maria Chiodo, LMHC
"Pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood are a big deal. There are so many changes to navigate - physical, mental, emotional, relationships, stress, work/life balance, and more. This is a crucial time to take care of yourself and your mental health so you can be there for your little one."
Valene Gifford, LMHC
"As a newly postpartum first-time mom, I get it. From breastfeeding, to taking care of yourself, your home and your family, to returning to work, I get it. If you are struggling and need a nonjudgmental listening ear, I'd love to help."

Learn more about therapy at Two Chairs

Therapy tailored to you

With our matching approach, we ensure your individual needs and preferences are understood and that your therapist has expertise in postpartum depression therapy. 98% of Two Chairs clients agree their therapist is a good fit.

Measured progress

We’re committed to helping you feel better so you can enjoy motherhood. In addition to making sure we match you with the right therapist, we provide tools to help you track and reflect on your progress.When you come to us for psychotherapy for postpartum depression, your therapist will adjust your care as needed whether you’re in therapy for a matter of weeks or months.

Support along the way

As a new mother, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for postpartum depression therapy and navigating insurance. Our Care Coordination team is here to help you get the most out of your insurance and benefits and support you throughout the process.

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Care where you need it

Whether you prefer the ease of virtual postpartum depression therapy or want to get out of the house to see your therapist in person, we’ve designed every experience of our hybrid care model to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Book your matching appointment and get the care you need today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, our Care Coordination Team would love to help.

Is there a session limit?

Aetna will cover sessions for medical necessity, which is determined by a therapist during a clinical evaluation. However, we understand that your employees may have questions about how many sessions they can expect. At the outset of therapy, clients and therapists will set clear goals and develop a treatment plan. Through weekly measurement-based care practices, clients and therapists will work toward care goals together, and make changes as needed. Once a client’s goals have been reached, a therapist will discuss ending care.

Who is eligible for care at Two Chairs?

People over the age of 18 who are seeking psychotherapy are eligible for Two Chairs. While we don’t currently offer psychiatric or adolescent services, our therapists will coordinate with outside providers to coordinate your care.

How much does it cost to partner with Two Chairs?

There is no additional cost to partner with Two Chairs. We are an in-network benefit for your employees on an Aetna plan, and cost shares (e.g. deductibles, copays) will apply to employees depending on their plan design.

Can you tell me more about your matching process?

Before a patient's first visit, they provide us their history, preferences, and goals for therapy. This information is used to guide the initial consult with one of our clinicians. This appointment allows for deeper conversation around patient needs and what patients hope to get out of therapy. After the initial consult, using the data we have collected and clinical judgement, we match patients to the best-fit therapist to begin care.

Can you tell me more about your approach to Measurement Based Care?

At Two Chairs we have developed and implemented an MBC approach that is based on rigorously studied best practices, while also providing a favorable experience for our patients and clinicians. Please find more information on our MBC approach here.

Can I collaborate on the care of a shared patient?

Absolutely. Many of our patients are referred by a provider who is managing another aspect of their medical care, so we encourage appropriate and timely collaboration with our clinicians.

Is Two Chairs accepting new patients?

Yes! At Two Chairs, we believe in providing quality care quickly. Once we receive your referral, we’ll reach out to the patient to help them set up their first appointment.

Do you accept insurance?

We are currently in-network with Aetna in California, Florida and Washington, as well as with Kaiser Permanente in Northern California and Washington.. For out-of-network patients, our Care Coordination team helps submit superbills to their insurers for partial reimbursement. Learn more.

What happens if Two Chairs is not the right fit for a patient?

Our licensed clinicians identify the appropriate level of care for patients and our Care Navigation team refers them to a new provider in their insurance network.

What diagnoses and level of acuity is Two Chairs equipped to treat?

We are equipped to care for any patient who can be effectively treated with once-a-week outpatient psychotherapy. Depending on the diagnosis, this generally includes mild to moderate-severe acuity. Our clinicians have over 90 combined areas of clinical expertise, enabling us to treat a wide variety of diagnoses including: anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, phobias, personality disorders, and more.

Where is Two Chairs located?

We currently operate clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami. You can find exact addresses of our clinics on our Locations page. Our virtual care is accessible to all residents of California, Washington, and Florida.

How can I submit a referral to Two Chairs?

We accept referrals via email at, fax at (415) 360-5916, phone at (415) 202-5159, or via our website at

Partner with us to build seamless pathways that align with your existing workflows.

Do you provide in-person or virtual therapy?

Two Chairs provides hybrid care, which allows for a combination of virtual and in-person sessions for clients who are located near one of our clinics in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Miami and would like the option to connect with their therapist in person. With hybrid care, our goal is to help each Two Chairs client find the right therapist and the right setting for therapy — whether that’s from the comfort of your home, or in one of our beautiful clinics.

Please note: All Matching appointments and first therapy sessions at Two Chairs are held virtually.

When will I be matched to a therapist?

To ensure you get the most out of therapy, we take great care to honor your preferences and match you with the right therapist. Average wait times vary based on your clinical needs, preferences, and availability. You'll hear from us as soon as we've identified the right therapist for you. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact your matching therapist with any questions regarding your match.

What should I expect from the matching appointment?

You can expect to be on a 45-minute video call with a licensed Two Chairs therapist who has deep training in making the right match for you. During this conversation, the Two Chairs matching expert will work with you to identify your needs and preferences for therapy, and your scheduling availability. This appointment augments the information you shared when you signed up and provides an opportunity for you to discuss personal questions or concerns you may have about therapy or receiving care at Two Chairs. Based on your conversation, we’ll match you with the best therapist for you based on your needs, goals, and preferences.

If you’re ready to start care, you can book your matching appointment here. If you’d like a closer look at what happens in the matching appointment, you can learn all about it in this blog post.

Why is it so important to find the right therapist?

Research shows that the therapeutic alliance between you and your therapist is the best predictor of successful treatment outcome. Psychologists define the therapeutic alliance as the strength of the therapist-client relationship and how aligned you are on goals. Studies show that individuals with a strong therapeutic alliance with their therapist are more productive at work, have more fulfilled relationships, can cope more effectively with daily stressors, and engage in less risky behaviors.

Who can attend therapy at Two Chairs?

Currently, Two Chairs offers psychotherapy services to those over the age of 18. While we don’t currently offer psychiatric or adolescent services, our therapists can help work with outside providers for your care.

What is therapy?

Therapy is a collaborative process based on a trusting relationship between you and your therapist. This strong therapeutic alliance allows you to talk freely and openly in a supportive, unbiased, and non-judgmental environment. Together, over a series of appointments, you and your therapist will challenge current patterns that keep you feeling stuck as well as identify and work towards fulfilling goals.