José Navarro, LMFT


José is a Therapist at Two Chairs in Los Angeles.

He grew up in a community with little or no access to quality mental health services. He believes that access to safe, secure, culturally sensitive and research-informed mental healthcare could help people access and process emotions, thoughts and behaviors that will guide them to reach their full potential.

In his free time, José enjoys taking care of his houseplants and visiting nurseries to see what other plants he could bring home.

Education & Experience
  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at San Jacinto Children's Clinic, Riverside County Behavioral Health, San Jacinto CA
  • Primary Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Don Schroeder Family Care Center/Integrated Health, Riverside County Behavioral Health, Riverside CA
  • MS in Clinical/Counseling Psychology at California State University, San Bernardino CA
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