Jenifer Morrison, LMFT


Jenifer is a Therapist at Two Chairs in Los Angeles.

She is passionate about relationships and helping people navigate painful interpersonal experiences, identify and dismantle damaging self-beliefs and empower them to live authentic and vibrant lives. In her work with couples, Jenifer assists each partner in learning techniques for emotional regulation to reduce distress from conflict and to improve emotional intimacy.

In her free time, Jenifer enjoys outdoor adventures, time with friends and exploring breathwork.

Downtown LA
Education and Experience
  • Clinician at ENKI Health Systems, West Covina CA
  • Clinician at Valenta Inc., Rancho Cucamonga CA
  • MFT Intern at Lake Avenue Counseling Center, Pasadena CA
  • MFT Intern at Santa Anita Family Services, Covina CA
Top Specialty Areas
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Trauma
Stress Management / Burnout
Values and Goals
Family of Origin
Anger Management
Panic Disorder
Top Therapy Modalities
Somatic Therapies
Couples Therapies