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Our logo is a wordmark that uses two typographic ligatures to express the metaphor of connection between clients and clinicians.
Two Chair's logo


The logo is available in three colors: black, yellow, and white.
  • Use black on light tones to ensure legibility
  • Use yellow on dark tones if appropriate
  • Use white on black and other gray tones (or in place of yellow when necessary)
Two Chair's logo

Clear Space

Logo clear space ensures legibility and visual impact by isolating the logo from competing visual elements such as text and supporting graphics. The clear space represented here is the required minimum. In most cases, the logo should be given more room to breath.
The outlined gray box in the diagram represents the clear space, which equals to 1.5 times the height of the wordmark. No other visual elements should encroach on this area.

Minimum Size

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the logo are not compromised in application. Please respect the logo.
Minimum Height (digital): 20 px
Minimum Height (print): .12 inches

Download Brand Logo Kit

Download our logo in multiple formats. We’ve included PNG and SVG file formats for digital applications and an EPS file for print.
File Formats: PNG, SVG, EPS
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