We bring high quality, accessible mental health care to your members

Delivering exceptional clinical outcomes efficiently at scale

One System Designed for Consistent and Measurable Quality

We’ve addressed the challenge in delivering consistent levels of care backed by measurement, reporting, and accountability. Two Chairs is a single group practice rather than a network of independent providers. We have invested heavily in training, professional development, and Clinical Director support for our clinicians.

This enables us to recruit and retain a diverse team of clinicians, efficiently match clients with clinicians, and provide system-wide quality and performance metrics. We use a variety of Measurement-Based Care tools to enable both clients and clinicians to measure progress and adjust approaches if necessary.

of clinically depressed clients experienced remission

of clinically anxious clients experienced symptom reduction

Superior Clinical Matching, Driving Better Outcomes

Working with the right clinician and developing a strong therapeutic alliance is the strongest predictor of successful therapy outcomes. Our proprietary matching approach combines a digital questionnaire with a 45-minute appointment with a licensed clinician, ensuring a comprehensive and clinically rigorous understanding of each client, and allowing us to create better matches. Our results demonstrate the efficacy of our system.


of matched clients convert to ongoing therapy

match success rate

4.7/5.0 alliance score

of clients agree that the alliance with their therapist is strong

Scalable and Cost Efficient for Partners

Insufficient triaging and long length of care can lead to inefficient utilization. Two Chairs addresses this challenge by using clear courses of care and continuously assessing client needs and directing them to the most effective and least resource intensive treatment. We collaborate closely with our partners to customize services based on clinical need, length of care and frequency of care utilizing a combination of Individual, Couples, Groups and digital interventions.  All these allow us to deliver exceptional outcomes highly efficiently.

Care Delivered In-Person and Virtually

As part of personalized intake, our hybrid in-person and virtual offering allows us to meet clients where they are in key markets. Our clinics are conveniently located and are beautifully designed to create a warm and welcoming environment, elevating the therapy experience beyond the status quo.

Outstanding member experience

Starting with the initial matching appointment, clients are paired with the clinician and service that will be most effective for them. Our Care Coordination team provides ongoing, live support for clients and referring providers.

24/7 email support
Live phone support 8am-6pm PT M-F

Services tailored to our partners

Two Chairs has developed deep integrations with providers, allowing us to design for their population, integrate with their pathways to care, share outcomes data, and build additional capabilities including:

Aggregated reporting and insights at the population level
Integrated care collaboration with referring providers
Credentialing, scheduling, billing, clinical data capture, and client communications