People, driven by mission.

Our mission is to provide access to exceptional mental health care for everyone, and we remain deeply committed to ensuring access to care throughout this tumultuous time. For this reason, we will be continuing our efforts to hire excellent candidates for the open positions across our company, and would be thrilled to hear from you about our career opportunities.

The mental health system is broken—and our mission at Two Chairs is to fix it. With expert clinicians, thoughtful technology, and user-centric design we're making exceptional mental healthcare available to everyone.

We have clinics all around the Bay Area and are quickly expanding our vision of personalized, data-driven therapy into new territory. Every member of our team has experienced the damaging impact of a fragmented mental health system—and has personally benefited from therapy.

We’ve delivered care at Stanford, UCSF, and Kaiser. We've built technology at Nerdwallet and Palantir. And, we've designed delightful customer experiences at Lyft, Everlane, and Virgin America. Now, we're singularly focused on one thing—raising the bar for mental health.

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