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February 20, 2024

What Makes Practicing Therapy at Two Chairs Different

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In your search for a new role as a therapist, you’re probably thinking about what aspects of your job are important to you — whether that’s healing from burnout, growing your skills, or working with clients who fulfill you. 

At Two Chairs, we put the clinician experience at the center of everything we do, because high-quality mental health care starts with taking care of the ones who provide it. As we build our diverse team of talented therapists, we take care to prioritize your personal well-being, provide opportunities for growth and connection, and empower you to do work you enjoy.

Here are just some of the reasons why practicing therapy at Two Chairs is different, directly from some of our therapists and leadership team. 

1. You’re part of a community

Our team is made up of diverse folks from many backgrounds who all have different lived experiences they can contribute to the community. When you join Two Chairs, you’re a valuable part of a team — a team that can encourage you to grow in your career.

2. We care about growth and development

Growth and development are built into the Two Chairs clinician experience. Getting and receiving feedback, exploring different approaches and interventions, professional development groups, and an annual professional development stipend are an integral part of working at Two Chairs as a clinician.

3. We invest in the right match

We are deeply invested in making the right match. We match clients and therapists not only based on client preferences, but also on our therapists’ areas of interest, expertise, and development goals. This way, therapists are working with clients they love working with, and clients are seeing better outcomes as a result of the strong therapeutic relationship.

4. You have support around you

At Two Chairs, you aren’t practicing alone. Our clinical leaders are here to build a culture of support where you can connect with other clinicians, exchange ideas, and find balance in your work.

5. We make space for self-care

We’ve built a practice that empowers therapists to take care of themselves. Whether it’s blocking out an hour per week to focus on self-care, or building better systems that help clinicians do documentation more efficiently, therapists at Two Chairs are given the time and space to take care of themselves outside of the therapy room.

Is Two Chairs the right match for you? Learn more about working at Two Chairs, what our therapists have to say, and our open positions.

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