Empowering Clients Throughout the Insurance Process

Raquel Ryan
Senior Care Coordinator at Two Chairs

How to Navigate Insurance Benefits with the Two Chairs Care Coordination Team

As members of the Care Coordination team at Two Chairs, we dedicate a lot of time to helping clients start their mental health care journeys.

From explaining the different modalities of therapy to helping prospective clients understand the matching process, we face a lot of questions — but the most complicated topic by far is navigating insurance. From hard to find deductible and coinsurance numbers, to lack of transparency and unexpected hurdles from insurance companies, to the complexities around submitting insurance claims, benefits are complicated.

These complicated policies make it difficult for clients to understand what benefits they have and how to use them. Oftentimes, this can make starting care even more overwhelming and stops clients from engaging in the care they need and deserve because they are unsure if they can afford it.

In our Care Coordination work, we help clients navigate this process, by communicating with insurance companies and submitting claims on their behalf, so they can start — and receive the reimbursements for — the care they deserve.

We are passionate about empowering everyone to make the best decisions possible regarding their own mental health care. We know there are many obstacles to care, including stigma and affordability, but we want to make sure that the opacity of insurance benefits isn’t one of them.

To do this, our team takes the time to walk clients through their benefits so that they can have a better understanding of what the cost of care will be. Knowing how much you are responsible for and how much you can expect your insurance to cover is often a key part of deciding to engage with care in the first place.

How do I learn more?

No matter what benefits you have, we do our best to make the most of them. We know starting care can be difficult and expensive so we work to get you as much information about your benefits as possible, so you can make the right decision about your care. In addition to reimbursement, we can also help modify schedules, when appropriate, to accommodate as many clients as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about your specific benefits or have questions about starting care at Two Chairs, you can schedule a call with us here.

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If you or someone you know is seeking mental health care, you can reach out to our Care Coordination team at support@twochairs.com or by phone at (415) 202-5159.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an emergency or crisis and needs immediate help, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Additional resources can be found here.