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August 5, 2022

Video: Alex Katz on How Two Chairs Is Built for Clients and Clinicians

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Video courtesy of Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech

Our mission of building a world where everyone has access to exceptional mental health care is a big endeavor — one that requires thoughtful investments in all aspects of the care experience for both clients and clinicians. 

Two Chairs Founder & CEO Alex Katz recently joined a fireside chat at the Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech conference where he spoke about how we match clients to a therapist who’s right for them, measurement-based care, our investments in clinician experience, and the benefits of hybrid care. 


Research shows that a strong client-therapist relationship is the key to great therapy, so we’ve invested in perfecting the match.

The secret sauce of matching at Two Chairs is an elegant blend of the best of expert human clinicians with the best of technology and data. We do the heavy lifting for our clients and referring providers by combining clinical expertise with an algorithm that considers hundreds of data points to find the right match for everyone. 

In fact, 98% of clients find the right therapist on their first try. 

Measurement-Based Care

Much like technology supports clinical expertise in matching, it also empowers clinicians to measure and adjust care based on outcome tracking through Measurement-Based Care (MBC). 

In the behavioral health system, the vast majority of therapists do not receive training in MBC in graduate school. For us, MBC is both about creating the right technology to easily report on and visualize progress with symptoms, but also about building the right team and investing in training and management to ensure the data is driving outcomes — 80% of Two Chairs clients report symptom reduction in anxiety or depression.

Clinician Experience

A big problem in the mental health system today is a lack of investment in improving the clinician experience — and we’re aiming to change that. Provider burnout has skyrocketed during COVID, and yet the system has done little to address it. Many therapists are not working with clients well-matched to them, are drowning in paperwork, and do not have clear pathways for career growth or professional development. 

We believe that high-quality care starts with taking care of clinicians. At Two Chairs, we’re building a behavioral health system that prioritizes clinician wellbeing, provides opportunities for growth and connection, and empowers them to do work they enjoy.

Hybrid Care

We’re also building the most client-centered health care system possible, and to do that, we need to provide care on the terms that our clients want to receive it and engage with it. 

Hybrid is the future of mental health care, and it’s a big part of Two Chairs’ identity. We’ve designed a unique hybrid care model to offer ultimate flexibility for clients and therapists alike. Each session, clients can choose between therapy from the comfort of their home, or in-person at one of our thoughtfully designed clinics.  

By elevating the space in which therapy is occurring, we’re fighting stigma and creating spaces that feel inclusive, warm, and welcoming.

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Let us find the right therapist for you

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