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September 13, 2023

Two Chairs Introduces Bilingual Mental Health Care Services in Florida

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  • Virtual and in-person bilingual therapy services from Florida-based and Florida-credentialed clinicians now available to approximately 4 million Spanish-speaking Floridians
  • Bilingual services and Two Chairs' research-backed matching process to help reduce barriers to mental health care for Hispanic/Latinx communities, ensure patient-provider fit
  • Mental healthcare innovator continues to hire therapists and support staff state-wide

Two Chairs today announced the availability of therapy in Spanish to serve bilingual patients in Florida, where more than four million residents speak Spanish. Following its recent expansion into the state, Two Chairs is dedicated to reducing barriers to high-quality mental health care by offering virtual bilingual therapy services statewide and virtual and in-person bilingual therapy services at its recently opened clinic in Miami, a metropolitan area where almost 70% of residents identify as Spanish-speaking.

Nearly 35% of Hispanic/Latinx adults with mental illness receive treatment every year compared to the U.S. average of 46.2%, as these communities often face more obstacles in seeking and receiving care, including language barriers, social stigma, and a lack of cultural competence by providers. Access and affordability are also major challenges, with 18% of Hispanic/Latinx people in the U.S. living without health insurance.

Two Chairs' presence in Florida, along with its bilingual services, helps address many of these challenges. The company's Florida-based and Florida-credentialed clinicians deliver the highest quality care possible, rooted in a measurement-based clinical culture, for both English and Spanish speakers. Two Chairs' research-backed matching process also helps ensure the ideal patient-therapist fit so patients are connected with therapists they trust and who can help them understand their progress over time.

"It's critical to match patients with therapists who are suited to guide them throughout their mental healthcare journey, and that includes speaking the same language and understanding the cultural and social factors that shape and impact their lives," said Colleen Marshall, Vice President of Clinical Care, Two Chairs. "We're proud to be serving the Spanish-speaking community in Florida, and we look forward to continuing to provide additional value-adds to those who trust us with their care."

"We're privileged to serve the Florida region, both virtually and in-person in the Miami metro area," said Gus Saravia, Clinical Manager, Two Chairs Florida. "The addition of bilingual services maps to the needs of the diverse population we serve, and we look forward to welcoming more Floridians, both clients and clinicians, into our practice."

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