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April 26, 2023

Two Chairs Expands Virtual, In-Person Mental Health Care to Florida

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  • Now reaching 55 million adults in Florida, California and Washington, Two Chairs continues intentional expansion rooted in high-quality, outcomes-based, trusted mental health care
  • Aetna-covered Floridians can access Two Chairs in-network, with more health plan coverage options coming soon
  • With Miami in-person clinic opening in May to augment virtual care option, behavioral care innovator is actively hiring state-wide for therapists interested in practicing at the top of their license

Two Chairs announced today announced its expansion into Florida. At launch, Two Chairs now reaches 18 million adults residing in Florida with its individual and group therapy services, building on its existing California and Washington footprint. Floridians with Aetna commercial insurance coverage can access Two Chairs as an in-network care provider, with additional health plan coverage options coming soon. The company is also actively hiring Florida-based or Florida-credentialed clinicians, including Doctors of Psychology, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Mental Health Counselors, among other roles.

Nearly three million Florida adults are living with a mental health condition. The state is routinely ranked last for mental health access, with a quarter of Floridian adults being unable to find counseling or therapy. Beyond access, quality of care and care outcomes are a chronic state-wide issue. While many modern-era mental health companies have sprinted to achieve national coverage, inclusive of Florida, Two Chairs has methodically focused on delivering the highest quality care possible, rooted in a measurement-based clinical culture, exceptional therapeutic alliance and industry-leading client-clinician matching.

"As hard as it is, finding a therapist is usually not enough for most people. Finding the right therapist is crucial for treating symptoms, addressing root causes and achieving positive health outcomes," said Colleen Marshall, Vice President of Clinical Care, Two Chairs.

Decades of clinical research have shown that therapeutic alliance is the single best predictor of therapy success. Rooted in a tight-knit therapeutic bond, therapeutic alliance depends almost entirely on making the right client-therapist match. Two Chairs' matching approach, informed by comprehensive client and clinical data, impacts treatment retention and outcomes. 98% of Two Chairs clients report strong therapeutic alliance. 90% of Two Chairs clients reach their fourth therapy session, compared to a 36% industry average. And within 12 sessions, 85% of Two Chairs' clients experience reduced symptoms, with 67% seeing meaningful improvement.

"We're not interested in bringing more of the same to Floridians. Those residents living with mental health conditions deserve to be matched with therapists they trust, to understand their progress over time, and to leave therapy feeling better than when they started," said Alex Katz, Founder & CEO, Two Chairs. "We know that many therapists who practice or reside in Florida share our view that better care is possible, and we invite those clinicians to join our effort."

Two Chairs individual and group therapy services are available now as a virtual offering to all Floridians age 18 and up. In May, the company will open an in-person clinic in Miami, extending in-person services to those in the Miami region.

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