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June 15, 2023

Two Chairs Clinician Dashboard Launch Advances Outcomes-Focused Behavioral Healthcare Delivery

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  • Therapist-facing visual dashboard surfaces and interprets patient data and insights, empowering therapists to quickly adjust treatment plans, improve health outcomes and graduate patients when ready

  • Behavioral care innovator continues build-out of sustainable measurement-based clinical culture, lighting the way for healthcare sector where 80% of treatment remains unmeasured

Two Chairs today announced the launch of its custom-built clinician dashboard for delivering outcomes-focused behavioral healthcare. Rooted in academic research and tested extensively in clinical settings, the dashboard is an immense step forward for measurement- and outcomes-based care delivery in behavioral care environments.

As healthcare inches toward value-based care, major hurdles remain. A dismal 80% of care remains unmeasured in behavioral health. Forward-thinking mental health practices have encountered monumental challenges in moving toward measurement-based care, with resistance even coming from their own employed clinician workforces. Wary health plans correspondingly offer low national average behavioral care reimbursement rates, creating a situation of self-fulfilling prophecy: overworked clinicians struggle to practice at the top of their license; patients drop out before completing therapy; and the mental health workforce remains mired in a staffing crisis.

With its clinician dashboard launch, Two Chairs reinforces its commitment to measurement- and outcomes-based care. When Two Chairs' therapists log in to their clinician dashboard, they can view how a patient's diagnosis maps to their GAD-7 and PHQ-9 assessments. The dashboard maps patients' diagnoses, treatment plans, symptoms and progress via easy-to-understand graphs and color-coded scales. It also surfaces and interprets patients' mental health snapshots, allowing therapists to adjust treatment plans, improve health outcomes and graduate patients when ready. The dashboard additionally provides insight into cross-clinician compliance with Two Chairs measurement-based care protocol.

"Repurposing standardized screening assessments and asking clinical teams to do the heavy lifting for data analysis and insights falls far short of what is needed to mainstream measurement-based behavioral care in the United States," said Colleen Marshall, Vice President of Clinical Care, Two Chairs. "Institutionalizing measurement- and outcomes-based care starts with giving therapists real-time insight into patient progress, red flags, regression, progression, and more. We're immensely proud to support our clinicians with some of the most advanced clinical technology available today, and we look forward to leading the charge on transforming how behavioral care is paid for and delivered."

As Two Chairs further develops its clinician dashboard, it continues to see industry leading care metrics. 98% of Two Chairs clients report strong therapeutic alliance. 90% of Two Chairs clients reach their fourth therapy session, compared to a 36% industry average. And within 12 sessions, 85% of Two Chairs' clients experience reduced symptoms, with 67% seeing meaningful improvement.

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