About the Author

Alex Maceda
Former Brand Strategy & Clinic Design at Two Chairs

Amac is an SF-based, serial launch-stage operator with a passion for launching consumer companies—and a knack for identifying brands before they hit it big. She has lived and breathed the new consumer economy since 2011, where she found herself NYC-based and in the midst of the beginning of the direct-to-consumer boom. She has built a career as an operator at category-defining companies like Everlane, M.M.LAFLEUR, Two Chairs, and NORN. Both creative and strategic, she has a BA in Classical Studies and Fine Arts from Dartmouth and an MBA from Stanford.

At her core she is an artist, writer, and all around creative person who has spent most of her career in consumer start-ups. Her passion is to create compelling consumer brands and experiences with the goal in mind of wanting to make consumers feel something for a brand. She builds loyalty that extends beyond share of wallet and believes the most impactful brands speak to us as humans, in all of our beauty and hardships, aspirations and imperfections.