Shami Benjamin, LMFT


Shami is a Therapist at Two Chairs in San Jose.

She is passionate about integrating evidence-based approaches to meet each client where they are in their process of meeting their goals, helping them understand themselves and life with a healthy, mature perspective and empowering them to thrive.

In her spare time, Shami loves to work out, adventure the great outdoors through hiking, reading with a latte in hand and exploring the world through travel.

Education & Experience
  • Licensed Therapist at Performance Psychology Center as a tele-mental health therapist throughout California
  • Piloted/Implemented: Life Skills and Mental Health Coach/Sports Performance Consultant (Mental Health Associate) at CSU Stanislaus, Athletic Department, Turlock CA
  • Therapist Trainee/Associate at Advent Group Ministries, San Jose CA
  • Therapist Trainee at Sunol Community School, San Jose CA
  • M.A., Marital and Family Therapy at Western Seminary, San Jose CA
  • B.S. Business Administration and Management at San Jose State University, San Jose CA

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