Let's #TalkTherapy

#TalkTherapy is a series of reflections about the unique lived mental health backgrounds of people in the Two Chairs community. The stories embrace diversity in experience and explore every facet of a mental health journey: misconceptions and fears, unknowns and questions, potential and growth.

"Having a trained person to recognize patterns and talk to about my deepest-seated feelings without judgment has opened me up to a fuller life."

—James Tucker

Founder, The Aesthetic Union

“You are not alone. Pain, loneliness, self-doubt and sadness are natural parts of the human condition.”

—Rachel Seeman

Care Coordination Manager, Two Chairs

Talk about your misconception. Talk about your fears. Talk about the unknowns. Talk about your experience. Talk about the potential.

Whether as an observer or a participant, we'd love to have you in the conversation.

Let's #TalkTherapy.