Stress-Free Payment

We make sure paying for care isn't a pain


Our pricing is 100% transparent, and paying for care is as easy as paying for a Lyft.


Hassle Free

We help you file your insurance paperwork for you and make sure you get reimbursed for as much as possible.


Our care coordinators can walk you through your health plan and answer all your questions.



What to Expect

We offer simple pricing and help you with getting reimbursed

Simple, Transparent Pricing

First Consult

Ongoing Therapy Visits

Insurance Reimbursement

If you have out-of-network benefits (e.g., with a PPO plan), we can often help get you reimbursed for most of the cost of care.

Have questions?

Reach out and let us walk you through it.



How it Works

We make it easy to pay for care and get reimbursed

Get Questions

Reach out to our care coordination team to get your insurance questions answered.

Come for
a Visit

Immediately after your visit, we'll help you file your reimbursement paperwork.


Pay for

Our simple and easy digital payments system will charge you for care.


Within a few weeks, most get reimbursed by their insurance company.