Tailored Matching

We work closely with you to identify the right therapist for you


We use 100+ data points from your profile to make a great match.

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Expert Guidance

Your Consult Clinician will make sure we understand your needs, goals, and preferences for therapy.

Quality Control

We follow up to ensure we've made the right match and adjust if needed.



Factors We Consider

To make great matches, we use 100+ data points


Symptoms: Current symptoms, Severity


Goals: Your goals for treatment

Personality: Coping style, Communication style

Background: Age, Gender, Identity, Ethnicity, Language

Past Treatment: Treatment type, Length, Outcome

Medical History: Health conditions, Medications

Family History: Mental health, Physical health

Logistics: Schedule availability, Location



How it Works

We make it easy to get matched with a great therapist for you

Tell Us About You

Prior to your first visit, you'll complete a comprehensive Two Chairs Profile.

Come in for a Consult

Meet with one of our expert consult clinicians to discuss what makes sense for you.

Get Matched

After your first consult, we share your therapist match and schedule your first appointment.

Check Back In

We'll check in after your first sessions to ensure we made a great match. If we didn't, we'll fix it.