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A Unique Approach

Our dynamic programs combine deep relationships and a rigorous scientific approach

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Conversations and skill-building guided by clinicians with deep expertise in the group approach.

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In It Together

A safe space to share experiences, learn from a supportive group of peers, and grow together.

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Tailored to You

Individual check-ins and personalized plans to help you achieve your goals for group.


Current Group Offerings

Informed by the latest clinical research and designed to work with your budget


Regroup: Stress Management for Young Professionals

With the right expert guide, supportive peers, and tangible techniques, anyone can rebuild their relationship with stress and find balance in their life. 

  • Who: 6-10 young professionals led by an experienced clinician.

  • What: Integrated content, discussion, and supplementary materials that address the physiology of stress, mindfulness practices, coping, sleep strategies, and more.

  • When: 60 minute sessions, held weekly for 12 weeks. Reach out for information about upcoming start dates / times.

  • How (much): The 12-week program costs $600. We offer payment plans - we're happy to talk you through the options!


How it Works

We make sure group is right for you based on your individual goals


Come in
for a Consult

Meet with one of our expert consult clinicians - they'll get to know you and recommend next steps.


Pick the best option for you

If you and your consult clinician decide a group program is right for you, we’ll sign you up.

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Develop goals and prepare for group

Before your group starts, discuss your individual goals and questions on a brief call with the group facilitator. 



Attend 12 weekly sessions led by an experienced clinician, learn concrete skills, and build community.