Couples Therapy 101


Interested in Couples Therapy but want to learn more about it first? Here are some helpful tips to give you insight into this experience.

Just as each relationship is unique, so is each couple’s motivation for starting couples therapy. Whether you’re evaluating the next steps in your relationship, confronting challenges in your pasts, or wanting to improve your communication, couples therapy can be a helpful tool to support you and your partner in this work. Research has shown that couples therapy can have a significant impact on improving the connection in a relationship, partner intimacy, and individual mental health—and that the results last!

Starting couples therapy with one or multiple goals in mind is particularly helpful for both creating alignment with your partner and setting a clear objective for your treatment. That being said, it’s possible that your goal is to align on your goals as a couple. At Two Chairs, we believe that Couples Therapy is a safe space where both partners can resolve conflict, learn new communication skills, rebuild trust, and strengthen the relationship.

If you want to learn more, see below for some answers to common questions about couples therapy.

Who would benefit from Couples Therapy?

If you and your partner are finding that you cannot heal from infidelity, are having more frequent arguments, are experiencing sexual issues, are trying to determine what is next for your relationship, or are stuck in dysfunctional patterns, Couples Therapy could be useful in working through these struggles and identifying the right path forward for you and your partner.

Do our problems need to be severe to start Couples Therapy?

Absolutely not! Couples in all stages of their relationships with mild to severe issues and everything in between are welcome to start therapy. Even couples looking for a neutral space to set expectations or explore new aspects of their relationship would be a good fit for Couples Therapy.

What can we expect in the first session?

This is your space to bring up issues and areas in which you want to grow and change. Your therapist will want to hear from each of you about what brings you to care and what your goals are. They will also discuss their ground rules for Couple Therapy.

What are some important ground rules for Couples Therapy?

Each therapist will establish unique therapy ground rules with you in the first session. While every therapist may differ, you can expect a “no-secrets” policy, a discussion on boundaries, and clear expectations surrounding communication (i.e. no threats, name-calling, or interrupting your partner).

What can we expect in ongoing sessions?

Your therapist will serve as an unbiased supporter who will help with communication and problem-solving. They will provide you both with insight and skills so that you learn to be resilient during the hard times. Many therapists will provide you with homework to test out new skills in between sessions.

What techniques will my therapist use?

Every therapist at Two Chairs has a diverse approach to Couples Therapy. Your therapist will be trained in and enjoy utilizing a variety of approaches such as Attachment Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), The Gottman Method, Positive Psychology, and much more! Feel free to inquire with your therapist the approach they utilize to best support their clients.

When will we know when it’s time to terminate therapy?

Once you feel like you have met the goals that you established as a couple, increased emotional expression, become more self-aware of the patterns within the relationship, and communicate in a healthier manner, you can discuss with your therapist about moving on without professional help.

We are excited to share our Couples Therapy service with you and are eager to work with you and your partner. Whether you’ve been married for 30 years, are recently engaged, or just started dating, Couples Therapy can help you and your partner navigate through challenges and work to build a fulfilling, enduring relationship.

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